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Updated MERIT policies (Llan)

In Summary:

1. Critically ill patients will be referred and accepted by us in the usual pathway.

2. Intubated/Resuscitated by anaesthesia in 1 of 2 treat and transfer areas (E3 Room 7 or Specific Day Surgery Recovery Area). These have been specifically kitted out for this purpose.

3. Retrieval/Transfer as per sop.

4. We will be auditing all transfers including timings.

4. Reminder

These are critically ill pts under our care and there is no ICU capacity at UHL.

This SOP is designed to get the pt across safely as soon as possible.

They must be prioritised to come to UHW regardless of ongoing capacity (staff and space) issues at UHW.

If we are at a stage where capacity at UHW is becoming exhausted, services at UHL will have to be reviewed in that context. Until that point we must do everything we can to get these patients to UHW in a timely manner please.

This SOP can evolve and all feedback welcome.

This is also being shared with all ICU consultants, trainees, Band 7s and Anaesthesia.

best wishes


Local PDFs:

(Thanks Caryl!)

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