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UHL surge plans 27-03-2020

Dear all,

UHL surge plans will be sent to you separately

Essentially when our 7 bedded ICU is full we will surge into main recovery followed by red, green and blue

Yellow theatre has been set up as a donning and doffing area as it has easy access to showers/changing rooms

Further surge once capacity in mains is reached will be into CAVOC theatres. Filling theatres CAVOC3/4, then !/2 and finally recovery.

Donning can take place in yellow and a doffing area in CAVOC has been identified

DSU will contain trauma theatre

CAVOC 5 has been set up as a staff rest area

Main theatre recovery has grab bags with essential equipment, the same as in UHW

CMacs are available in recovery

Patients are currently being nursed on West1. The next Covid ward identified is East 2

My preferred option if time allows is to scoop and run. There is a negative pressure isolation room in ICU. Obviously in a cardiac arrest situation equipment and drugs can be taken to the wards/MEAU

Can I suggest that all members of the day/night MERIT team in UHL handover in the doctors room in ICU. Access code 2222

We will be able to handover numbers of patients on wards and troubleshoot any problems

We are working in a difficult and fast changing situation. I will try to maintain comms.

Best wishes,


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