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UHL post-surge plans 30/5/20 (thanks Caryl)

Just a bit of clinical here

Re UHL, if a medical/trauma patient deteriorates needing intubation and critical care then

A) the referring team needs to D/W ICU in UHW to confirm escalation

B) the isolation room in ICU is still used for the purpose of intubation and stabilisation

C) ICU have agreed to take the patient for onward care regardless of their bed state( I have confirmed this with Tom Holmes today and he has reassured me that this has been communicated with his colleagues)

D) Retrieval by them in hours

Transfer by us OOH protem. We have 2xODPs and 2xanaesthetists on UHL site to manage this

E) we do not manage ICU patients in ICU for any longer than this retrieval or transfer takes

F) ideally if a patient is identified who’s trajectory dictates likely ICU requirement then consider transfer to UHW site before intervention is required(usual safety and risks measures)

When cardiac confirms its move, there will be a red zone T&T room in E3

Amber zone T&T will be in DSU recovery. SOPs being put together to clarify this

I hope this makes things clearer for all

Don’t hesitate to contact me if there is a problem with this

I am meeting Tom next Tuesday to discuss UHL and the other issues brought up at the consultants meeting.

He has confirmed that the cardiac arrest bleep should be carried by critical care

Have a good weekend all

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