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June 2020 - who is doing what

Back to pre-COVID pattern:


(Thanks Barbara)


Hi Tessa, that Is what has been discussed and agreed between icu and anaesthetic CDs. All ward calls rel to Covid and other causes of resp failure will go to ICU day and night as before pandemic . It is probably not written down yet. Tom and Caryl had a meeting yesterday and Tom said they would discuss again in detail. ESP reg Merit bleep, switch etc .

There are ongoing discussions when and whether icu will look after the medical patients in A&E too . For now anaesthetics will still cover all calls to A&E, Covid and others . But the calls could go via 6000 as before . That is my understanding....🙄

(Thanks Annette)


Covid day trainee in UHW Covid Night trainee in Llandough Rest as usual currently (Thanks Stanley)

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