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Install Blackberry access

If anyone wants to know how to install Blackberry access to access hospital intranet on your iPhone, Mac laptop, android or PC then do the following (I’ve also linked in some videos which I’ll post links to below). Step 1 - get a license. You need ONE license for EACH device. Requesting a license can only be done on a hospital computer - open up a web browser and type //helpdesk into the address bar of the web browser which takes you to the IT helpdesk, then click ‘MOBILE WORKING’, then ‘BLACKBERRY GOOD APPS’ and enter your Nadex login. Have a look at the first video for further information - but the process has now been simplified. The license code will be emailed to your work email (typically in the next 24 to 48 hours). Once you have the license code you can choose what device you need to use this for.

Video walkthrough for step 1:, Step 2 - install and activate Blackberry Access. For iPhone or Android phone follow the instructions sent in the email. The license also works on a MacBook or Windows PC and you can download Blackberry Access of the web - see the second video for further information and follow my video walk-through. Personally I think the program works better on the Mac than a mobile phone as it’s easier to type replies to emails and view web pages. You’ll be able to access most of CAV web - theatre man, CAV clinal portal, Welsh clinical portal, synapse mobility etc. Hope this helps some people who want to work more remotely now. Cheers, Alex.

Something I forgot to mention: when you have to change your Nadex password (to log into the hospital computers) - typically every 3 or 4 months, the blackberry access needs to be uninstalled, then reinstalled otherwise your emails will not be accessible (but the rest of CAV web is).

Richard Davies all the work on this so he should really be credited. Big thanks to Richard for this one.


Thanks Alex. It's certainly a massive game-changer for those using Macbooks or iMacs (MacOS). Took about 5 years of pressure on IT to facilitate it😳. Allows access to Theatreman, CAV Portal, WCP, GP systems, radiology, emails etc remotely. Perfect for those involved with POA or who want to prepare for a list. For Windows users, The Blackberry App only works with Windows 10 but the hospital network didn't support W10 before COVID so it wouldn't work. I'll find out from my contact in IT and see if the network has been upgraded during COVID to support W10. I had planned to do a session in March Q&S about the various UHB IT systems available but then COVID came along...


Thanks Richard for getting all this to work and Alex for doing the walkthrough!

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