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Critical care update 11/6/20

Dear all, I had a meeting last week with Tom Holmes and a further meeting today. Amongst those things discussed are Cardiac arrest bleep UHW As previously discussed with periop and critical care, once cardiac moves to UHL, critical care will take responsibility for the cardiac arrest bleep Improving flow from the ED/wards to ICU The aim is to identify areas in the amber and red zones to treat and stabilise patients within the ICU footprint This improves patient safety and supports the trainees in a safer area It is hoped that this will enable release of the trainee back to theatres much earlier Of course this is reliant on the availability of critical care nursing staff to take over the care of the patient. UHL treat and transfer areas A room on E3 has been identified as the red zone treat and transfer room. This will be kitted out to a similar spec to that of the isolation room It will have a CD cupboard and a refrigerator in the room as well as an airway trolley The CMac and ultrasound will be kept in the amber zone of the DSU The amber zone treat and transfer area will be DSU recovery Retrieval by critical care is obviously preferable and Tom is working on this though this may not be possible immediately on a 24 hour basis WAST and EMERTs are being involved in the planning and a flowchart with contact numbers will be produced before going live Please remember that Tom Holmes is doing his best to influence his colleagues to improve collaboration between anaesthetics and critical care. I completely understand the growing frustration amongst the group about the increasing burden of responsibilities foist on us Best wishes Caryl

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