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April 2020 Operating Theatre Journal

Digital Edition Highlights: In depth coverage of this month's surgical and anaesthetic news. Read online or download the PDF. No registration required this month.

Operating Theatre and Decontamination Conference 2020

World's First Artificial Pancreas App Now Available to People with Type 1 Diabetes in UK

The Face of AfPP Competition Results


  • Guidelines:

    • ENT and Facial Surgeons

    • Intercollegiate General Surgery Guidance

    • The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

    • BAOMS Online Resource for Dentists

  • Surge in the Number of People Using NHS Tech During Coronavirus Outbreak

  • 17,000 Doctors and Nurses Training During COVID-19 Using Virtual simulation Technology

  • Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Developed by Cambridge Team to be Introduced in Hospitals

  • Stephen Hawking's Family Backs Virus Ventilator Move Featuring Marshall Cambridge

  • Community Rallies Round to Help House Royal Preston Hospital Medic

The Printed Digest is the quick reference to the important stories, catch up over coffee.

Posted to all UK Hospitals.

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