Report on SAW Autumn Scientific Meeting in Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth - a beautiful coastal town in Ceredigion, home to a thriving University whose students bring an air of dynamism and vibrance.  It was here that the Society hosted its 2016 Autumn Meeting in the hallowed halls of the National Library of Wales.  The meeting featured a special emphasis on quality improvement and career management along with a focus on the local Hywel Dda Local Health Board and in particular on Bronglais Hospital.  The meeting started on Thursday 13 October with the delegates belting out the Welsh National Anthem under the guidance of our then-President, Dr Paul Clyburn.

Our two invited speakers that day certainly stimulated lots of discussdion during the entire meeting with their eloquent speeches.  First up was Dr William Harrop-Griffiths who spoke about adverse events in patient care, always a topical issue in these financially-straitened and legally challenging times.  He covered recent reports about these and suggested ways forward for dealing with the challenges posed.  Later on Dr Kathleen Ferguson spoke about fatigue in anaesthesia, a talk which certainly left many of us wondering about our own sleep patterns given our very fluid working patterns.  Thursday also featured a local interest session based on contributions from Gorllewin Cymru (West Wales) based professionals.  Of particular interest was the presentation of Dr Annette Snell, the local surgical geriatrician.  She illuminated us with her work, successes and ongoing plans in her virtually unique role.  Later on topics such as sepsis, mentorship and the national obstetric project ObsCymru, which will look into using ROTEM analysis in managing patients with postpartum haemorrhage were also featured.  At the end of a full day of work it was time to relax and head to the annual dinner, which was held at the impressive Belle Vue Royal Hotel on the Waterfront.  At the dinner Professor Judith Hall delivered her inaugural address as President of the Society, having taken the crown (chain actually!) over from Dr Paul Clyburn earlier in the day.

After having some sleep (and thus taking Dr Ferguson's advice to heart), we reconvened the next day at the National Library of Wales.  The day began with two trainee presentations then a contribution from Dr Sarah Bell on quality improvement training.  Our focus then went global with presentations on Professor Judith Hall's charity and development work in Africa then took a look into the future and past all at once!  How was that?  Two medical students, under the guidance of Dr Danielle Huckle have been involved in the QUROP project documenting the history of anaesthesia in Wales.  Their presentations were truly inspiring and provided an insight into the Mushin Museum which is currently being enhanced.  The last session of the meeting returned the focus squarely to Bronglais Hospital with five presentations on various aspects of peri-operative care at the local hospital.  We then presented the newly-designated President's Prizes to the trainees.

Congratulations to Dr Jo Fox for the President's Prize for Clinical Governance and Audit and to Dr Thomas Roberts for the President's Prize for Innovation for their respective presentations!  The meeting thus ended on a high. 

The Society of Anaesthetists of Wales would like to thank all of the speakers for their inspiring messages, the delegates who turned out and gave such a lively buzz to the meeting and our sponsors for their support to our meeting.

On to the 2017 Spring Scientific Meeting so mark the date in your diary - Friday 10 March 2017 in Brecon.